Weaver Codex

World bible for the Weaver Cycle by Chris Rosser.


Note, this project is currently work-in-progress – I’m working on both the content, and the tech I’m using to generate this website (and the mapping system).

Project goals

I’ve long obsessed about creating my own world-building app, because I never found anything off the shelf that met all my needs – or provided enough flexibility and control and to do what I wanted. This obsession interfered with my writing so much, that I decided to cease development and concentrate on writing my first fantasy series, The Lords of Skeinhold.

However, I still like world-building and I wanted to share things about my world with my readers. Rather than muddy up my blog, I’ve decided to collate everything related to my setting into this subdomain of my website. So, I decided I needed a much simpler approach with the following goals:


If I get enough interest from other writers, I will open-source the code, theme and provide a detailed tutorial on how to setup, create and host your own version for free!

Project Layout

I’ve structured the project according to the way I like to world-build. This structure is reflected both in the menu system and in how the articles are stored in the project itself. This continuity between the working files, where I write, and this website, is really appealing to me.


A list of development and design tasks to do…